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Eqinov is a consulting services company, specialized in energy performance. We work on two complementary areas for our customers: energy efficiency, to consume less, and demand response solutions, to consume better. Eqinov gather nearly 70 experts present
throughout the country.


    We offer:
    – Global energy audit, voluntary or mandatory (tertiary sector, industry, transportation…)
    – Energy studies,
    – Energy management, ISO 50001,
    – Commissioning for new construction building or renovation,
    – Energy project manager,
    – Training: PROREFEI, Energy Management and Commissioning,
    – Financing solutions (CEE, third-party financing, public aids…),
    – Demand response program, including financial benefits and energy purchase at low cost.

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    Sébastien Escolier
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    86 rue Henri Farman
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